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Re: Meet and Greet

Post by Ijiro on Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:22 pm

“Be kind, Al. He looks like a man out of his time, we remember what that is like. May we offer you a beer?” Kaytee asked the strange tattooed man. She had seen many strange thing since she came to Earth, but a man with a tail was new. He nodded and accepted the drink happily. Al brought the man to the back and left Kaytee to watch the bar. Very carefully she used the toe of her boot to stop the door closing all the way. She wanted to hear what was said.

“You aren’t human?” Al asked very quiet. “You were pulled through a rift? My bar is a safe place, but you must be careful. You said you’re a god? There are no gods here, no spirits, no monsters, nothing but regular humans. You’ll need a place to stay, I have several apartments for people like yourself that don’t belong here. It’s only temporary if you don’t plan on working for it.”

The man with a tail was very confused. The things he said made Al very confused. Though they reached an agreement to understand each other. Kaytee remembered making the same agreement. The day she gave Al memories she thought she didn’t need. True that he understood her enough to help, but many thing changed for her. She hoped the man, she heard his name – Roxil, would not regret this like she did. Her father went with the memories she gave to Al. He said she did not like him, and that her father did not like her, but not remembering still hurt. She turned her attention from the talk when the bar’s door opened and a person she did not recognize came in.


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Re: Meet and Greet

Post by amanthatlookedlikeme on Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:04 pm

There was no way Izumi was going to die here.

The Evas of the other pilots were down, their flesh cut open and burned, their armor laying in pieces in buildings around them. Elizabeth was out and probably dead, the broken neck of her Eva likely having pierced her entry plug. Sam's blood-curdling screams refused to stop, yelling about her arms being on fire. Karsis was being lifted in the air by its neck by the humanoid angel, before being discarded as trash. Only Izumi was left standing, and she didn't care.

The orders of Marsha in her ear to retreat came through, over and over. She didn't care. She only knew that this angel had to die. It was somehow smarter than others they had fought; it seemed to be almost mocking them, playing with them. She didn't care.

She rushed forward, screaming, locking hands with it in grapple. As she shoved it back, a small halo appeared above the head over her Eva. She didn't care. She smashed through the A.T. Field of the angel, plunging a mailed fist straight in to its core.

At that moment, everything went black, and she heard a small voice in her head:
What have you done?

She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. "..."


The next thing she knew, she was laying in a dirty alleyway, drenched, coughing up the LCL. Confused and a bit angry, she stood up, and started looking for a place she could get a shower, and call NERV to figure out what happened. She walked by a bar, refusing to go in; bars were places adults went to die, and she was looking to live.


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Meet and Greet

Post by Corsenna on Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:14 pm

It had been over 200 years since Roxil had been in Creation. Over 200 years since he had interacted with another person, or even since he had been a person. He had no idea what had become of his companions since then. Fading Comet had killed Dunwe, but after that Roxil had run off into the wilderness in the haze of his Limit Break. He had been ashamed of himself, choosing an exile in the Wyld to collect his thoughts. That exile had become 200 years of hunting Raksha and Wyld tainted creatures. Today however, he finally responded to the prayers of his people.

The 5 foot tall cat crossed over the border into Creation, taking a deep breathe of the fresh air. Without hesitation he transitioned to his War Form - the 9 foot human/cat hybrid - stretching his humanoid arms and legs having grown unfamiliar with the feel of them. For 6 days and nights he barely rested, running at full speed to reach his southern-most village. He passed through the gates and kept running straight to the stairs of the temple where the people had carved out a statue of him. There was nothing that could be more exciting to him than seeing his people again for the first time in centuries. Some had noticed his return and he shifted to his true human shape -and put on his pants- to greet them, but didn't get the chance.

There was a flash of purple light before Roxil saw a what he had experienced only once before; different this time in that his skin felt stiff and sore around his protective tattoos. He stood on a paved path surrounded by massive buildings. Mere feet away large metal contraptions moved by at incredible speeds. He entered the first building he saw with people in it, though he couldn't read the simple sign with only 3 letters - BAR. Once inside however the purpose of the structure was clear, the room had the strong scent of alcohol. He received many suspicious looks from other patrons probably noticing his silver tattoos, but he ignored them. At that moment he really just wanted a drink. There was only despair to be found here however, he had no money even at home. Worse yet, the barkeep pointed to a sign - which again was unintelligible to the Lunar - No shirt, no shoes, no service. Roxil had neither a shirt or shoes.
"Can't you read?" The man asked him. Roxil couldn't, he had never bothered to learn. "Out!"
"Well that's rude. Could you at least send me with a mead and the direction to the nearest border of the Wyld? My people need their god and that's the only way I can think to try getting to them."
"Have you been living under a rock? There hasn't been any wilderness near here in decades. Wait, god? What? I think you should come with me to the back, I need to ask you a few questions..."

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Re: Meet and Greet

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