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Post by Corsenna on Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:35 pm

So, rather than make anyone interested do their own legwork, I'm going to start going through and checking what words or phrases Bubbles has used and post translations and pronunciations here. I'm sure Bubbles will catch on and continue to do so *Hint hint wink wink*

I'm going to start with a few that may or may not have been used already but are likely to come up at some point. Keep in mind, Mando'a doesn't deal much in gendered words so for instance buir (father) also means mother and vod (brother) also means sister.

-Ca'nara ne gotal'u mirjahaal. Shi gotal'u haastal (kah-nah-rah neh goh-tahl-oo  meer-jah-hahl. she goh-tahl-oo hah-stahl) Time doesnt't heal. It only forms scabs
-Copaani mirshmure'cye, vod (koh-pah-nee meersh-moo-ray-shay, vohd) Are you looking for a smack in the face, mate?
-Kar'tayli ad meg hukaat'kama (kar-tie-lie ahd mayg hoo-kaht-kah-mah) Know who's watching your back
-Kaysh mirsh solus (Kaysh-meersh-soh-loos) His brain cell is lonely
-Kyrayc jage draar jorhaa'ir (keer-aysh jag-eh drahr joh-har-eer) Dead men never talk
-Munit tome'tayl, ori skotah iisa (moon-eet toh-me-tayl, oh-ree skoh-tah ee-say) Long memory, short fuse
-Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la
-Aruetii/Aruetiise (ah-roo-ay-tee/ah-roo-ay-tee-say) traitor, foreigner, outsider/plural version
-Aru'e (ah-roo-ay) enemy 0(noun)
-Bal (bahl) and
-Boracyk (both-rah-seek) penniless (lit. Between jobs)
-Buir (boo-eer) father/mother
-Buy'ce, buy'cese (boo-chay or boo-shay, boo-shay-say) helmet, helmets
-Chakaar (chat-kar) General term of abuse
-Cin Vhetin (seen-fett-een) fresh start, clean slate (lit. White field, fresh snow) term indicating the erasing of a person's past when they become Mandalorian, and that they will only be judged by what they do from that point onwards
-Cyar'ika (shar-ee-kah) Sweetheart, dearest
-Dar (death) gone, no longer
-Dar'manda (dar-mahn-da) a state of not being Mandalorian, not as an outsider but as one who has lost his heritage and so his identity and soul. Regarded with dread by most mandalorians
-Dinii,dini'la (dee-nee, dee-nee-la) Lunatic, insane
-Emuurir (eh-moor-eer) Like, enjoy (food, activities etc)
-Fierfek: actually a Huttese slang word meaning hex or curse but adopted by many non-Hutts as a general curse word
-Gal (gahl) ale, alcohol, booze 
-Gett'se (get-say) courage, nerve
-Gihaal (gee-haal) dried fish-meal (also used as an insult toward Kaminoans)
-ika (ee-kah) diminutive suffix written as 'ika, also added to the name as a very familiar, affectionate, or childhood form. Can also be use as an affectionate suffix at any age but only by siblings or parents (Ord'ika: little Ordo, Mer'ika: Little Mereel)
-Jii (gee) now
-Kandosii/kandosii! (Kan-doh-see) indomitable, ruthless/ nice one! Wicked! Well done! Classy! Essentially a general positive exclamation.
-Kote (koh-tay) glory
-K'uur (Koor) Hush, be quiet
-Kyr'am/Kyr'amur (kee-rahm/kee-rahm-oor) Death/kill
-Mando'ad/Mando'ade (Mando-ahd/Mando-ah-day) Mandalorian, son or daughter of Mandalore/ plural version
-Mandokarla (man-doh-Karen-lah) having the 'right stuff', showing guts and spirit, being the epitome of Mando virtue.
-Mhi (mee) we, us
-Ner (Nair) my, mine
-Ni (nee) I, me
-Osik/osik'la (oh-sik/oh-sik-lah) dung (impolite)/messed up, screwed up, horrible (impolite)
-Oya! (oy-ah) literal: let's hunt! can also mean: stay alive! Go you! Hurrah! Cheers! Essentially a general positive exclamation
-Oya'karir (oy-yah-kar-eer) hunt, chase
-Sol'yc (sol-eesh) first
-Tracyn (trah-sheen) fire
-Udesii! (Oo-day-see) calm down, take it easy, relax
-Verborir (vair-bor-eer) hire, buy, contact
-Ver'mircit (vair-meer-seet) hostage
-Vod/Vode (vohd/vohd-eh) brother, sister, comrade/ the plural version.
-Wayii! (why-ee) general very positive exclamation of surprise

-Vode An (the mandalorian war song)

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